Carl Osterlof

Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica, CA


"Whether it's recording or playing live, Carl knows how to fill the spaces that need to be flavored. The pocket is strong when Carl is grooving in it. One of the best guitar players I've had the pleasure of playing with."


"I've recorded with hella talented musicians and have been lucky enough to work with some of LA's premier studio and jazz musicians, and I'm telling you, Carl's playing is groovy as hell, deep in the pocket, and completely necessary for any record.  There's a reason he's recorded on so much of my music."   

-Joe Rudd, Goldcone Productions


Carl Osterlof is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist who draws upon a wide range of influences to shape a sound and vibe that is all his own.

Originally from the East Coast and based in Los Angeles since 2010, Carl has kept a busy schedule, splitting his time between recording and performing as a member of LA-based funk outfit Vinyl Party, frequently collaborating with Aquile along with various other artists, and gigging regularly throughout Southern California.

With a deep and studied library of influences ranging from rock to funk to jazz, Carl is able to offer fresh and vibrant interpretations of the sounds that have shaped him as a musician.   In addition, he has developed a unique and fresh playing style that has fueled demand for his work in the studio. 

Having steadily built momentum through his strong performances and word of mouth, Carl has had the pleasure of playing a variety of private events and venues throughout Southern California, including the Basement Tavern, Witzend, The Shrine Auditorium, Clutch, The Alley Lounge, Finn McCool's, Harvelle's Santa Monica, and Beaumont's La Jolla among others.